The Only Real Secret Of Effective Bucket List Design

By | July 16, 2013

What type of bucket list design do you have? Do you have a bucket list or a life list or a list of things to do before you die? Maybe you keep the list in the back of your head or maybe you’ve written it down or maybe you’ve published it on a blog. The truth is…


Bucket List Design

The only real secret of effective bucket list design is the things you put on it. If you want to break world records like Jessica, then add it to your list. If you want to risk life and limb in the wild like John Goddard, then write it down. If you want to do something amazing for others like Alice, then yes put that down to.

How, where, when and why you write your bucket list doesn’t matter. Whether you write it down in black blue or red ink, really wont make any difference. In fact you can group, section and organise your list time and time again, but it still wont change what is important.

It doesn’t matter how fancy your bucket list looks; if you don’t like what’s on it, you wont do it.

Website Design

I got the inspiration for this post from Chase Reeves and the video he published on Think Traffic called The Only Real Secret Of Effective Website Design. He wasn’t talking about bucket lists, he was talking to entrepreneurs and website design. His video couldn’t have come at a better time because I’d already fallen in to that old trap of messing around with themes and widgets instead of writing content.

”If our message isn’t effective on its own, all that fancy design stuff is just blowing hot air up our own arses.”

~ Chase Reeves @fizzleco

Although I’m not an entrepreneur, I do get the point he was making. All of the different design elements do play a part in the success of your blog, but not as much as the content or the message that you’re trying to put across. And I love the simplicity of the post he read out at the end called by Justin Jackson called Words.

Check out the video because if nothing else Chase is a funny guy.

Taking Action

I’ve taken Chase’s advice and applied it to my blog and my bucket list.

For my blog I’ve settled on a simple theme and I’ve set myself a goal. My goal is to have 30 published blog posts by the end of September and I’ll only be able to look at the design of my blog if I meet my goal. That means no playing around for the next 3 months with logos or themes or widgets oh my!

I’ve published my my bucket list you all to see. I stopped trying to perfect the different types of sub-sections and categories, and just made sure I’ve got something written to work with. After all I can’t become a Bucket List Hero without one!

Your Mission:

  1. Stop playing with the fancy stuff
  2. Write your bucket list down (and like what’s on it)
  3. Write a comment below telling everyone 1 on item that’s on your list

Remember we’re not dead yet!

Simply Paul

PS. I’m currently looking for Bucket List Heroes and Bucket List Blogs to add to my reader. Please contact me or send me a tweet with some suggestions.

8 thoughts on “The Only Real Secret Of Effective Bucket List Design

  1. Elle

    I like that you’ve not only set goals for yourself but also goals for your blog. Nice touch. I have jot down goals for VVV as well. I think that focusing on your content before you get BLH all sexified is a great idea!

    1. Simply Paul Post author

      Thanks Elle. I’ve learned that I need the goal to keep me focused. Plus writing 101 blog posts is on my bucket list. Only 96 more to go!

  2. Emma's Bucket List

    Hard to choose just one item from my list… Visiting the ice hotel recently was amazing!

    I really want to do some voluntary work on a third world project… My recent trip to an African orphanage on a trip to Kenya has really strengthened this desire.

    I need to wait for my children to get a little older first though.

    1. Simply Paul Post author

      Visit a ice hotel…that needs to go on my list! You’re right there a lot of adventures that are great for involving the children and the family. There are some that take too much of a commitment to expect it of someone else, especially a child.

  3. Emma's Bucket List

    Yes, I do plan to make a family volunteer vacation at some point… But at 6, my daughter is just too young.

    You should check out my ice hotel post-the pictures are incredible. It was SUCH a magical place.

    1. Simply Paul Post author

      With 3 daughters aged 5 to 13 I understand completely how somethings have to go on the “not right now” list.


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